Alumni Meet 2022

Alumni meet 2022


It’s true. The real beauty of our campus isn’t just the aesthetics. The beauty lies in the inspiring classrooms, the corridors where students discuss their future growth and the campus as a whole which is perpetually in motion because of vibrant activities.

Students start their journey at JRU with a mission to pursue a bright future. They study here at JRU and go on to become successful professionals across various sectors.

When it comes to teaching, professors at JRU do not only teach. They become mentors for students, hand-holding them and walking them towards their future. Every year they welcome incoming students and help maintain an open and inclusive environment. Besides, they nurtures the growth and development of JRU community. The mentors provide a blueprint for how JRU students can positively impact the world.

Excellence and mutual respect are the two founding principles which every JRU member follows – be it faculty or student. Our campus celebrates diversity. How? Because, we encourage students from all background to experience our inclusive atmosphere.

When it comes to possibilities, the campus is a crossroad of cultures and limitless opportunities.

JRU Ranchi Campus is the perfect melting pot of ideas and experiences. It’s a diverse cultural landscape where students from across India pursue their dream.

As a student of JRU Ranchi, you will have every resource at your disposal to take advantage of future opportunities.

From the first day of campus life, the students are provided comprehensive support by faculties, staff and existing students. The faculties at every step help the students to unify their academic and career goals. This later helps students in internship opportunities.

Welcome to the vibrant campus of Jharkhand Rai University.