Language Lab.


Language is an art that establishes the fact that an individual is logical and rational. The Department of Life Skills, Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi encourages its students to experiment learning in the lab which accommodates the perfect language learning software and gadgets like headphones for listening to pronunciations and microphones to enhance speech practicing The Language Lab plays a crucial role in developing the communication skills of our student which also brighten their prospects in placement activities. It also helps teachers to manage their classes and assure that their students have sufficient opportunities to practice and hone their listening and speaking skills.

The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills.

The main objectives of the Language Laboratory are:

  1. To equip the students with good communication skills.
  2. To emphasize the need of English in the technical world.
  3. To prepare them for interviews and future job environments.
  4. To train the students in the art of conversation and discussion.

ETNL Language Lab Software Version 4.0 (New) based on LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) is used as a learning tool .in the language lab of JRU, Ranchi. This lab is an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language learning techniques. The language labs allow teachers to monitor, control, deliver, group, display, review and collect, audio, video and web based multimedia content. Teacher console is the core position in language lab where the teacher monitors all the students at a glance and control them Teacher schedules the classes, sessions and lessons as per the course curriculum. At any time teacher corrects the students by intervening or stopping their activities. Student console is designed on LSRW and is meant for listening, repeating and comparing the lessons assigned in the class by teacher. The student player is linked to the teacher console and can play audio, video and web based formats to make easy understanding of basic concepts.

Language Lab is a boon for students as it imparts crisp skill sets in learning the nuances of English language. In this era of Information Technology, where the world is dynamically evolving into a Virtual Global Village, communicating effectively is the key to success.