Fully Automated Polyhouse


Research and Innovation forms a significant part of our envisaged goals. Our aim is to integrate research & development with academics and encourage our faculty members and students to carry on research in their respective areas of interest. The University is focused on interdisciplinary, collaborative and community based research which will help to generate excellent technologies responding to the needs of local, national and global interests. Creation of an agriculturally literate society is not only essential but is the need of the hour and our team strives to help the students in the learning process. Our Agricultural Education Program aims at raising awareness for food and farming.


The University has identified agriculture as the core area of research and the focus is on the use of technology in agriculture to grow chemical free green organic vegetables and medicinal herbs. The University has a setup of 1600 sq. m. of fully automatic green house as agriculture research center. This green house is completely automated with internal and external shading provision. It consists of triple shading devices to ensure fully controlled system so that the required environment can be achieved for the growth of healthy plants. The structure is tunnel shaped which can withstand air speed up to 110 km/hr. This greenhouse has different types of hydroponic systems with fully automated fertigation equipment and water filtration plant. This will provide exposure to our students, researcher and the local community in advance soilless technology used in organic farming using hydroponics. It is a matter of pride for the University that this facility will embrace latest technology available internationally and is first of its kind in the State. We inspire young people to think more deeply about sustainable agriculture, food supply and the role of science in this context. We are helping students and the rural community specially farmers to learn entrepreneurship in order to become change makers.

Modern Agricultural practices adopted in the university are mentioned below:
Our Students learn the intricacies of modern farming at our sprawling farm spread across 20 acres at Rajaulatu, Namkum campus. We also have 1600 sq. m fully automatic state-of-the art Poly House.

Our agriculture science students get trained in the following new-age farming techniques helping them to increase productivity & set-up their own Agri-ventures:

  • Adopting High Density Planting or HDP Technique that has resulted in doubling our yield on maturity
  • Hydroponics System used in our laboratory is one of its kind present in Eastern India
  • Spawn Product Process- Mushroom cultivation unit giving students an opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’
  • Practice Intercropping to increase yields per hectare
  • Mulching
  • Usage of Sprinklers