Law Moot Court


Moot Court is an integral aspect of life of a law student and the lessons learn by participation in Moot Court help the student to stand tall in the real court like scenario when they enter the profession. Moot Court is indispensable part of legal education and the participation in Moot court is a mandatory requirement as mentioned by Bar Council of India (BCI) in regular BA. LLB and LLB Courses. Jharkhand Rai University believes in the holistic development of students not only in academic front but also on practical aspects.

The main objectives of the Moot Court are:

  1. To hold interclass moot competitions.
  2. To conduct inter college moot competitions.
  3. To select and train teams to represent the college at various state, national and international moot competitions.
  4. To train the student to prepare memorials for the competition by extensive research.
  5. To install a spirit of teamwork and organizational leadership abilities.
  6. To motivate the student to do collective research and material analysis

The students get connected with large number of students across the globe. Participating helps to develop Research Skills because on the basis of your research you will be fighting your case. It enables in enhancing your skills as to how to adopt to prompt situations and how to tackle situations.

Mooting helps a student not only in putting forth his argument but also enhances the confidence and communication.

Mooting helps in giving practical implications and knowledge to the students and also to be aware of law is books and Law in action.