Life Skills

Life Skills are a specific set of skills that help individuals to succeed and thrive in both personal and professional life. Keeping this in mind we at Jharkhand Rai University work towards the objective of equipping our students with these basic skills, so that they are able to live a balanced and successful life.

Jharkhand Rai University has incorporated Life Skills development program as an integral part of its regular courses. It is compulsory for all the students and carries at least 5% weightage across all the courses. The curriculum is designed in a way that it churns out the best in students and helps them in their overall personality development. It includes modules on Spoken English, Body Language, Interview Skills, Public Speaking, Etiquettes and Communication Skills. The aim is to groom the students and enhance their abilities so that they can survive in the competitive world. Now a days, organizations give priority to those professionals who are not only proficient in their fields but are also adept in soft skills especially Communication and Interpersonal skills. In order to enhance these skills we provide the students with regular spoken English classes apart from teaching them the modules of Life Skills. For this purpose we have a very dedicated team of experts who mentor and guide the students efficiently.

Through this module we aim to bring positive changes in the students’ personality and behaviour and have designed this module to: