Physiotherapy Lab.


Department of Physiotherapy, Jharkhand Rai University is imparting international standard training in the field of Physiotherapy encourages use of research and scientific evidence based learning to develop the skills in making critical practice decisions in treatment & rehabilitation.

Jharkhand Rai University promotes integration practical based curriculum with the OPD exposure education with the comparative studies of the assessment, diagnosis, investigations and goal and outcome based treatment with all new advancement and innovations and research studies.

To promote Research in field of Physiotherapy the various laboratory like Anatomy Lab, physiology lab, Medical physics lab, Exercise lab, Kinesiology and biomechanics Lab, Neurology lab, Cardiology lab, Orthopedic Lab, Sport lab & Research and Biomechanics provide a extensive multidimensional learning in all the fields of physiotherapy (sports, orthopedic, cardiology, neurology, paediatrics, Community Based Rehabilitation, Obstetric-gynecology, etc). Students formulate and testify the physical diagnosis and prescriptions and outcome with the research based experiment Physiotherapy laboratory is installed with advance Modalities and instruments that are used for Research purpose.