Science Club

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Science clubs form the backbone of college sponsored co-curricular activities in area of science. This is where a student can supplement the work of the classroom and give the syllabus a practical dimension. Through activities of a science club, learning of science becomes joyful and it is possible to develop positive attitude towards learning science. Activities of a science clubs helps to develop habits of exploration and creative facilities. The various challenges push students to develop in students a sense of healthy competition. More than competition, the events help the students to be in touch with the recent advances in science.

Name of convener and co-convener
Convener: Prof. Om Prakash Satyam
Co-convener: Prof. Mritunjay Kumar
Co-convener: Prof. Sushma Priya

    Name of the student Coordinator

  • Mr. Manish Ranjan (B.Pharma IV Semester)
  • Ms. Kavya Sidhi Kujur (B.Sc Agr. VI Semester)