Placement Policy

Placement Cell aims to provide placement assistance for all passing out students. These guidelines are framed to ensure equality and fairness of opportunity to all the students. All students who opt for placement assistance through the Placement Cell shall abide by the guidelines prescribed herein below.

Any breach of rules specified below by any student, shall be taken up seriously by the Placement Cell who in turn will view the matter and take action against the student, as it may deem fit. The University reserves the right of modifying any or all of the below norms and/or stipulating additional norms for placement which, in its judgment and discretion, are likely to benefit the students, immediately or in the future.

    • Students must appear for each and every activity organized through Placement Cell of Jharkhand Rai University, which will include the following:

    • PD Training/ Preparatory classes.
    • Seminars/ workshops/guest lecturers.
    • Industrial Visits.
    • Assessment tests (online / off line) / Pre-placement Talk.
    • Placement drives (on / off campus).
    • Mock Interviews
    • Any other activity arranged by the Placement Cell.
    • Students must regularly update in writing, the Placement Cell on all information with respect to updating of

    • CV, % of marks, results, etc.
    • Contact details (phone number and email address).
    • Any additional course / other information
  1. Students must ensure to maintain both, 100 % attendance in all activities (point A) conducted by the Placement Cell and more than 75 % regular class attendance including Life skills classes, failing which may be debarred from any further T&P assistance process.
    • Students may get debarred from the placement assistance process, in case any one of the following:

    • After getting placed with any organization through the Placement Cell (On / off campus).
    • Availed maximum number of placement opportunities decided by the Placement Cell during the placement window (final year of the course).
    • Violation of any one of points A. & C., above.
    • Not nominating oneself to a placement opportunity, where one is eligible to apply.
    • Not reporting in the placement venue (on / off campus) on the date and time of selection.
    • Any other disciplinary action imposed on the individual for any reason by the University.
    • Leaving any of the organization without prior information (with a valid reason) to the department.