Vice Chancellor’s Message

savita sengar

Welcome to Jharkhand Rai University (JRU), an endeavor for empowerment through dynamic and quality education.We at Jharkhand Rai University understand our responsibility towards the state and are thus committed to bring reforms in higher education for all aspiring students irrespective of their caste or creed. Our goal is to reach out to every student of the state and make them aware about the role and importance of higher education. We are dedicated to this cause and believe in nurturing and fostering nascent individuals so that they blossom into talented and skilled professionals. Hence, we make sure that student requirements are taken care of, with the help of extraordinary teachers and mentors. Today, education has become a world wide phenomenon and more and more people are realizing its value and importance. It would not be wrong to say that knowledge sharing is not possible without teachers who influence students in their way of thinking and performing.

Therefore we at JRU make sure that students inculcate the uniqueness of their teachers in order to outperform and outshine them. We are fortunate enough to have the most qualified and experienced faculty members on board with us who not only teach the students dedicatedly but also mentor them enthusiastically. Apart from the creative bunch of teachers who consistently work on improving the standard of education we also keep on improvising the curricula in order to instill in our students some creativity and dynamism.

This is the reason we have included Life Skills as a core subject in all our courses so that it helps the students in analyzing, assessing and enhancing their abilities and skills. I believe that education or earning a degree is incomplete if it does not provide employability and financial strength and this is the reason we emphasize on industry academia interface. Providing holistic education has been our mission since the inception of our University.

We feel that spreading awareness about the various provisions of higher education in Jharkhand and creating a skilled resource pool for the state is not only our responsibility but a mission that needs to be accomplished.Now, as we begin our journey, I would urge upon my team members of the University to walk with me towards the goal of growth and progress. We are certain to fulfill the dreams of our students, who deserve nothing less than a world-class education. I am sure that we will be successful as a class apart.

Best Regards,
Dr. Savita Sengar
Vice Chancellor