Vice Chancellor’s Message

Vice Chancellor, Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi

Prof. (Dr.) Savita Sengar

Vice Chancellor’s Message

Welcome to Jharkhand Rai University where a strong team of educators constantly work to graduate the leaders of tomorrow. Here on JRU campus, we encourage students to ask questions, create new ideas, search for answers and research on new things.

We believe that young minds are dynamic, and that right kind of education is a powerful tool for growth.

Advancing quality education, teaching and learning are priorities for Jharkhand Rai University. Along with this, forging ahead our research mandate is strong part of our vision too. Underlining all these is our commitment to create opportunities for students and ensure a socially responsible approach. We’re a strong, well-managed and responsible university with so much to offer our students, employees, the community and beyond.

As always, we continue our journey with all the important activities and our new initiatives never cease. Led by our many excellent faculty, staff and students, our motto remains that “Learning should never stop”.

Together with our students, communities and international partners, we facilitate solutions that shape and advance our future. In our role as a world-class university, we believe that excellence in teaching provides a means of engendering transformation in the lives of students.

Come and be part of our transformative education.