Fine Arts Club

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The motto of this club is to ‘spark your creativity and bring out the artist hidden in you’. With this as a goal, every student of the University is encouraged to participate during competitions. We are all born with some creative skills. Hence, in this club many interesting activites are done throughout the year, which gives opportunities to students to showcase their talent and creative skills. JRU Fine Arts Club continuously strives to provide great ambience inside the campus at the time of large scale events. During events students volunteer to make rangoli, poster design, backdrops, photography/Videography of the complete event, promoting the event via Social Media. This club also holds Photography Contest and Film Making Contest.

Name of convener and co-convener
Convener: Prof. Raghuwansh Singh
Co-Convener: Dr. Prashant Jaiwardhan
Co-Convener: Mr. Soumik Mitra
Co-Convener: Mr. Tarik Murad

    Name of the student Coordinator

  • Mr. Vipul Chowdhury (B.Sc Agr. Semester II)
  • Ms. Sobha Rani (D. Pharma II year)