Call for Proposals for Idea Pitching Contest

Theme: To Promote Entrepreneurship Amongst Tribal Women of Nation

  • Choose any of the area mentioned below : –
    • Tribal Healing
    • Forest Products
    • Tribal Art and Craft
    • Tribal traditional Process or Indigenous Practises
  • Background of any new idea you want to propose or the solution to the existing problem you want to suggest (1000 words)
  • State its Objectives (Only 2-3 focused objective that can be observed, measured or clearly assessable):
  • Describe the Methodology (1000 words):
    (Describe how your idea or plan will leverage livelihood/economic opportunities and solve societal challenges in a sustainable way. Support with defined steps/relevant process details, e.g., flow chart, model, survey procedures, – as applicable to achieve the stated objectives)
  • Suggest a viable solution to make the proposed idea scalable
  • Submit your Big Idea Via the link below: –

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  • Students all across India can register for the Idea Pitching individually or in teams.
  • There can be no more than 4 members in a team (1 Female and 1 Tribal representation is mandatory in team)
  • Selected ideas on the criteria mentioned below will be asked to give presentation for 15-20 minutes (max 10 power point slides) defining a specific solution to a local problem in front of the Jury. The date and time of presentation which will be informed to the selected participants.
  • The idea must be original.
  • No team/contestant can take part in more than one category.
  • Few Selected ideas will be incubated by the University and mentored by WICCI- Tribal Welfare and Entrepreneurship council.
  • Jury reserves the right of admittance for all contestants and can eliminate contestants without disclosing any reason.
    Selection Criteria
    The new ideas or the solution to the problems identified by the participants will be judged on the following criteria:

    1. Quality of the proposal: 25%

    2. Has any research into the idea been done?
    3. How complete is the idea?
    1. Impact: 25%

    2. Does it solve a problem that exists?
    3. What is the potential market? How many people could it potentially benefit? Is the plan scalable?
    4. Is it in line with the pitching theme and the objective of promoting sustainable livelihood and self-reliance amongst Tribal Women.
    1. Innovation: 25%

    2. Is this a new solution to the problem or completely new idea? Does a similar product/solution exist? Does it have any unique features to distinguish it?
    3. Is there a new approach to an old solution (within the product) that already exists?
    1. Sustainability: 25%

    2. Is there a long-term vision for the idea and product?
    3. Is there a team behind this idea?
    4. How will this drive forwards after the start, until completion?
    5. Is there a possibility for funding of the project? Has this been identified and clearly described?

For more details contact:
Kumar Amrendra
Convener, Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi
Contact: 7368000411

Rashmi Raj
Convener, WICCI
Contact: 7903881604 / 9431579389