Choosing a career like health care so that one can be at the service of people is a noble dream for anyone to pursue. For young Muskaan Sethi, originally from Chandigarh, her dream to be in the healthcare sector encouraged her to pursue Bachelor of Physiotherapy course from Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi.

“I have always been clear about what I want to do in life. After completing my class 12th exams, I knew that being in the medical field will resonate with me. I have nurtured my dream of becoming a health care professional since school days,” Muskaan says.


To fulfil her dream, Muskaan travelled from Chandigarh to Ranchi, a distance of 1400 kms to take admissions at Jharkhand Rai University. The BPT course at the University is one of the best options for students who want to be in the medical field.
“Being at JRU Ranchi was one of the best decisions of my career. Here the faculties act as mentors to guide you at every step. Besides friendly atmosphere, the University provides a well-equipped lab and a well stacked library. ”

In the lab, students learn application of their classroom learning for real through activities like therapy practical, electrotherapy practical, looking at human anatomy and more.

Physiotherapy has gained huge significance in recovery and rehabilitation of our body for a permanent cure – increasing the need for trained physiotherapists both in India and abroad.

Muskaan says that the method of teaching at the University is comprehensive. “By the end of the course I’m sure I will gain understanding of therapeutic skills using clinical reasoning, diagnostic methods and standardized assessment procedures.”

“There is a huge demand for trained professionals in this category. Placement will never be a hurdle if a student sincerely learns the integrated knowledge of the application and methods of physiotherapy assessment techniques, diagnosis and therapeutic treatments,” says Muskaan confidently. She cannot wait to go out to the world and through her health care services make an impact to people’s lives.