Meet Vishal Sahu from Ranchi – alumni of JR University and an entrepreneur. What Vishal, the entrepreneur from Ranchi loves is to eat chicken. Today, he is also the founder of Well, it was not just his love for savoury chicken that led him to open It was his need to get fresh raw chicken anywhere, anytime that gave Vishal Sahu the idea to open an online fresh-raw chicken delivery shop. To order fresh organic chicken, all you need to do is order online at emurga or call and place your order.

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Entrepreneur from Ranchi, JRU student

Vishal at his shop in Ranchi.

Vishal at his shop in Ranchi.

Well, what gave this boy from Ranchi the idea to build a start-up? When asked this question, Vishal says, ‘The idea for this business came to my mind one day when I had guests at home. They especially wanted to eat chicken. I was busy with work and couldn’t go to the market to get fresh cut chicken. Nor was there anything available from where I could have ordered reliable fresh-raw chicken at reasonable price.’

Farm fresh chicken from Vishal, the founder.


“That is when it struck me – to offer freshly sourced, farm fresh chicken to those who have sudden chicken cravings and also offer them the convenience of home-delivery.”
Vishal shared his business idea with a few friends and advisors. He got encouraging feedback from all. With confidence, he went ahead and laid the foundation of his start-up along with a friend.

Today, is selling more than 80 kgs of fresh raw chicken everyday. The business is growing and it has become very successful with youngsters and families alike in Ranchi city.

Entrepreneur from Ranchi

Farm fresh chicken from Vishal, the founder.

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The best part of this business is, Vishal believes in the concept of farm to table. He has a network of more than 50 poultry farmers from around Ranchi associated with him. So that makes his raw chicken safe and fresh.

Vishal is an MBA student from Jharkhand Rai University. During his MBA years, he had always imagined working in a corporate. But now, having experienced his entrepreneurial journey, he encourages MBA students to be job creators, than job seekers.

Vishal agrees that his education has helped him a lot in his career. That he did his MBA came in handy when he was planning his business model. And his management knowledge comes to rescue when he has to make key decisions.

He is ever grateful to his MBA professors from JRU, Dr Vishal and Dr Abhishek, who have been constantly guiding him in his journey.

Today, Vishal is not just successfully running his, but he is a self-declared brand ambassador of ‘entrepreneurship’ too. ‘More than a job, entrepreneurship is the best career option,’ he says.