Growing up in Bokaro, Ashish had two dreams. One – to work for a software company and actively learn on the job. Second, to become an entrepreneur in the IT sector.

His dream led him to study BCA at Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi.

Thanks to the job offer from Wipro, his first dream has come true. Recently, Ashish attended placement facilitated by his Department mentor. Several interviews round later, he was one of the finalists.

“I’m excited to be a part of Wipro. Thanks to my University, I have got this opportunity to work for a leading IT company,” he says.

His clarity about what he wants from this work experience is worth noting. He says, “Know where you want to be in life after 4 years and start doing jobs that will help you get there.”

Ashish’s strong foundation of confidence comes from his mother.

“My mother constantly inspires me to follow my heart. She keeps insisting that I should listen to my inner voice,” he shares.

His career decisions align with this principle from his mother. During his 10+2 years at Bokaro Public School, he was particularly keen on learning computer skills. Apart from school studies, he actively read technology related materials and fortified his interests.

Right after school, BCA was his first choice. “My mother supported my decision and encouraged me to follow my dream.”

Thanking his mentors at college, he says ‘the years spent on JRU campus have been influential in shaping who I am today’.

“With learnings from Wipro, I look forward to make my second dream come true. Soon!” says Ashish with optimism.

As Ashish lives his first dream, JRU wishes him ‘All the Best’ for his future dreams.