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Learning by Doing – RAWE Experience at Godda, JRU Agriculture Science Students

When Akansha Kumari reached Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Godda, she was excited about the 3-weeks learning program that was ahead of her. And she was not alone. Twenty-seven other classmates from Department of Agriculture, Jharkhand Rai University, were also part of this program called “Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE)”.

RAWE is a flagship activity for the final year agriculture students of Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi. The program provides hands on training and learning experience for the students to get actual on-site experience of the rural farming situation and the various technologies adopted by farmers. During this program, students get practical knowledge of their classroom learnings. This helps in building competency and confidence to start their own entrepreneurship venture.

Throughout this program, emphasis is given on prioritizing farmer’s problems and informing them about the benefits of skill development in the farm sector. It involves imparting income-oriented skills to make the farmers consider self-employment opportunities that makes them economically self-reliant.

Students surveying the farmers of the village regarding their crop cultivation details as per season

During the programme, Horticulture scientist Dr. Hemant Kumar Chaurasia gave away detailed information about Dolomite as Soil Improver, Identification and usage of Gypsum and Soil Testing as one of vital part of cultivation. He also explained the practical aspect of crop production, multi-crop plantation, identification of different horticulture crops, various plants and their scientific names, origin and medicinal properties cultivated across KVK campus.

Special emphasis was given to innovative methods like multi-crop system and propagation method of lemon and guava plantation through Gooty or Air Layering method.

Plant Protection Scientist Dr. Suryabhushan explained the identification, symptoms and control of different pests that infect the citrus crops of mango, lemon and arhar.

Livestock like cows, buffaloes, goats, pigs and poultry are a significant part of rural households. Animal husbandry scientist Dr. Satish Kumar explained the various ways of their correct upkeep & management. He also explained their disease, treatment and vaccination management with special importance on hygiene and bathing.

Farm manager Rakesh Roshan Kumar Singh gave a detailed tour of the KVK Farm and Seed Processing Centre. Agriculture Extension Scientist Dr. Ritesh Dubey provided detailed information on the case study of Self-Help Groups highlighting the role of KVK’s in the economic and social development of the farmers.

Home Science Specialist Dr. Pragatika Mishra gave valuable information on preparing delicious pickles like yam, mango, karela, jackfruit and jellies from guava and cape gooseberry fruits.

Besides gaining practical knowledge, the students performed a wonderful skit for the villagers centered on the theme of “Farmers and their importance as our

Annadatas”. Chanda Kumari, Laxmi Kumari, Shayista Imam, Akshata, Swati Aggarwal, Chandni, Richa Bhardwaj, Kajal Kumari and Somdyuti Sarkar participated in this programme attended by a large number of villagers, who watched their performance with rapt attention.

Students presenting a skit for the villagers a creating awareness

Following Covid protocol, the students also spread the message of prevention and protection against corona virus amongst them. All in all, it was an enriching experience for the students that they will always cherish in their lives.

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