(The story of how Satish got selected at Google India as an intern after 6 attempts.)

What is failure? Is it about failing in your efforts? Or is failure an opportunity to try harder?

Satish, a successful student of MCA, Jharkhand Rai University Ranchi is redefining the meaning of success and failure both. For him, failure is nothing but success in a different form.

On JRU campus, he has a new moniker – The Google Boy.

How and why?

Well, every technology geek dreams of working at Google. But Satish has made his vision come true. Today, Satish is the only boy from his University who is selected for internship at Google.

From early childhood, Satish has always been interested in the field of technology. After completing school, his dream to pursue higher education in the field of computers and technology brought him to Ranchi.


While at Ranchi, he explored various options and took admission in BCA at Ranchi University. During this period Satish attended a workshop on Ethical Hacking at Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi. At this workshop he got the second rank among all the participants.

Satish says, ‘Getting second rank in Ethical Hacking workshop at JRU was one of my first achievements, which further encouraged my quest for mastering my knowledge and I started looking for a premium MCA course. My teacher suggested me to enroll in the best MCA course at Jharkhand Rai University.’

‘At JRU several things expanded my horizon and gave me a bigger perspective to plan my future. Among them are regular guest lectures, seminars and industry visits that are organised at my University’ he says.

What makes Satish a successful student is his constant self-motivation to improve himself.

Narrating the process of being selected as intern at Google, Satish mentions that Google had arranged an exam for the new interns. Eighty-five students participated from India. The threshold of selection was to score over 368.

‘And I scored 512’ he says with excitement.

successful students Jharkhand Satish

Today, Satish is proud to be part of Google, one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Talking about his experience of working at Google, he says, “I am extremely proud to work with Google and working here is like work and play”.

About his future plans, Satish says, ‘The plan is to continue working with Google only. All interns have to undergo an test/examination after the internship ends and if they get selected, then they are sent abroad for training.”

Talking about his alternative plan, he mentions his backup plan is to go Delhi to join ethical hacker (cyber forensic), as opportunities in the IT field is abundant in Delhi and Bengaluru.

Son of Yogendra Kumar Yogesh and Renu Sinha, Satish is making his parents proud. As a successful student of Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi, he is making his teachers proud too.