Career in mining engineering

Career in mining engineering, types of jobs in mining industry

What to expect from a mining career?

Career in mining engineering – There is a need for skilled professionals in mining industry. Be it for specialized roles in geological management or a project planning engineer, there are plenty of career opportunities in the mining industry.

Diploma in Mining Engineering prepares students with both mining techniques and widespread knowledge of geology and earth resources, so they can enter the mining career of their choice.

Know about mining engineering syllabus

As a part of the mining engineering program, students learn geology, surveying and drafting skills along with a variety of mining methods that will prepare them for both underground and office work in core sampling, mapping, prospecting and more.

The program gives students a broader and deeper understanding of geology and resources and offers training on a larger variety of mining equipments.

Diploma in Mining Engineering Program is designed to equip students with both technical knowledge and management skills that prepares them for a variety of mining operations.
It also includes courses on mine management, legislation and safety. The students carry out assignments as well as practical projects in areas associated with mining industry. It includes both theoretical as well as practical lessons dealing with thorough education of mining related operations.

The mining syllabus covers the details related to mining methodology, ventilation, mining machineries, earth science, surveying, project management, mineral processing and fuel technology etc.

Topics like underground mining (coal & metal), surface mining (coal & metal), mine safety, ore/ mineral sampling are also included in the course curriculum.

The course provides for basic knowledge on economics of ore, exploration and practical site investigation.

The students will have familiarity about economic geology and Indian mineral deposits. They will have deep knowledge about geophysics, remote sensing and GIS.
During the mining engineering course, students will learn about ore reserve estimation, ore assaying, remote sensing, geological mapping and identification of geological structures in the field.
This will enable students to appreciate various coal mining methods and to ably manage highly mechanized mines.
Apart from mining, students will gain knowledge about advanced coal face mechanization. The mining course will introduce students with the recent trends of level of mechanization for coal face. It will also help them to understand the various advanced methods of coal mining.

Jobs in mining industry

  1. First Class Mining Engineer
  2. Planning Engineer
  3. Design Engineer (Mining Equipment / Construction Equipment )
  4. Engineer- Project & Maintenance
  5. Second Class Mining Engineer – Open Cast Mines
  6. Junior Engineer – Planning
  7. Mining Engineer Fresher
  8. Purchase and Planning Engineer
  9. Geotechnical Engineer
  10. Planning and Budgeting Engineer
  11. Planning and Efficiency Engineer
  12. Site Planning & Control Engineer
  13. Mining Surveyor
  14. Geologist (mining Exploration)
  15. Lab In charge – Mines

Industrial Training for Mining Engineering Course

Industrial Training is one of the most essential components for a diploma graduate in Mining and Mine Surveying. The sole purpose of industrial training is to expose the students to “real life” situations.

Students get a first hand exposure to different aspects of mining such as geology, exploration, selection of machines, environmental controls and measures.

Things like safety in mines and various statutory provisions can only be understood when the students are exposed to different mine workings.

Students will cover different coal and metal mines both underground and opencast. This way at the end of the of diploma programme, they are conversant with different mining conditions.

Moreover, industrial training also opens avenues of new learning to the students and apply them during their project and industrial training presentations.