There will be Two Papers: Paper – I and II. Both Objective Type.

Objective Paper: 50 Marks Time allotted for this will be 60 mins (10:00 am-11:00am)
This paper will consist of 50 objective type questions of 1 mark each related to General Aptitude, Language, Information and Communication.

Research: Meaning – Purpose- Types of research-significance of research in social and business sciences.

Steps in Research: Identification, selection and formulation of research problem Research questions-Research design- Formulation of hypothesis- Review of literature.

Sampling Technique: Sampling theory-Types of sampling-Steps in sampling, sampling and Non-sampling error-Sample size –Advantages and limitations of sampling.

Data for Research: Primary data-Meaning-Collection methods-Observation –
Interview-Questionnaire-Schedule-Pretest-Pilot study –Experimental and case studies-
Secondary data- Meaning – Relevance, limitations and cautions.

Processing Data: Checking- Editing-Coding- transcriptions and Tabulation- Data
analysis- Meaning and methods- Quantitative and Qualitative analysis.

Structuring the Report: Chapter format- Pagination- Identification- Using
quotations- Presenting footnotes – abbreviations- Presentation of tables and figures-
Referencing- Documentation-Use and format of appendices- Indexing.

Research Report: Types of reports-Contents-Styles of reporting- Steps in drafting reports-Editing the final draft-Evaluating the final draft.

Objective Paper: 50 Marks Time allotted for this paper will be 60 Minutes (11.00A.M. to 12.00 P.M.). This paper will consist of 50 objective basic questions from the specialization at master`s level of the candidate and specialization opted for Ph.D. Each question will carry 1 mark.