Faculty Feedback Analysis 2021-2022

The feedback analysis process has put an increasing emphasis on the need for involvement of faculties in the quality assurance of excellent education. Their involvement requires that they play an active role in participating for the holistic development of the students.
Feedback on various aspects of curriculum is sought from 49 faculty members of Jharkhand Rai University. The aspects such as provision of adequate time and resources for framing syllabus, coverage of both theoretical and practical components in the syllabus, the coherence of the syllabus with Programme Outcomes, involvement of the field experts while designing the syllabus, focus on necessary technical/ teaching skills, ensuring components that inculcate ethical values, enlisting reference books, focus on flexible curriculum based on current trends, updated elective courses etc. As teachers play a pivotal role in designing and implementing the curriculum, the inputs received from their feedback was taken into consideration for further necessary action wherever applicable. Majority of them i.e., 55% have strongly agreed and 45 % of them agreed that the syllabus is relevant to the course & 92% has agreed that the syllabus is based on industry requirements. 94% of the teachers agreed that the administration is teacher friendly. 96% of the teachers agreed that the course/syllabus has good balance between theory and application.

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