Mentorship Program

Jharkhand Rai University has been established under “Jharkhand Rai University Act, 2011” by Jharkhand State Legislature. Our aim is to create a knowledge pool for the state of Jharkhand by serving the needs of diverse communities. Jharkhand Rai University continuously strives to provide the highest quality of education to its students through dynamic research, rigorous training and efficient mentors. Jharkhand Rai University offers Diplomas, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees and Doctorate in different disciplines that inspires students to advance their skills and aspirations. The University has a team of dedicated, highly qualified and industry experienced faculties who act as mentor for students.

We at Jharkhand Rai University have a ‘Mentorship Program’ for the betterment of the students where the teachers are assigned a particular class/ section for mentoring them. This is diagrammatically represented below:

Mentorship Program IMG

Mentor acts as a bridge between the students and the university. They monitor their academic as well as personal growth. In academic progress, the mentor looks after their attendance, discipline, assignments, examination, class notes etc. For personal growth, a mentor empathizes with the students. They assess the causes of their personal problems and try to cater their needs as and when required and wherever possible. The concerned teacher mentor gives students a platform to take some responsibility of themselves and their classmates and assign few students as a ‘Class Representative’ and ‘Peer Mentors’.

In this regard, the concerned Mentor selects two students for Class Representatives of the particular class who in turn take the responsibility of the class. They act as a bridge between the students and the mentor. They are responsible for any academic and nonacademic activities of all the students of their respective classes. Besides this they are not only responsible for maintaining discipline inside the class but they are also responsible for informing students about various notices, class timings etc.They meet the mentor on daily basis, discuss about any issues related to the class and immediately get a solution for the same. The mentors keep a regular check of the class activity on daily basis through the Class Representatives.

Peer Mentors take charge of a group of students and are responsible for helping other students of the class in studies, notes and other academic problems. Students who have a sound academic background are elected as peer mentors.

This inculcates leadership and team building in the students. From the initial level, the students are being briefed about all the rules and regulations of the University. Discipline is the another important factor where students learn and practice punctuality, sincerity, regularity and hard work. We focus on building up the personalities of each and every student through our mentorship program

Teacher Mentors deals with the problems and gives the solution related to social, psychological, emotional and academic issues of the students wherever possible. The students always feel free to discuss their concern with their mentor. The teacher mentor always encourages the students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear.