Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities

University has established procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities like laboratory, library, sports facilities, IT Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure etc. Annual budget is allotted every year towards the maintenance of academic and physical Facilities.

  1. Maintenance of the laboratory:
    The responsibility to maintain the department labs is taken care by lab technician/ lab in charge. The head of the department of the concern department oversees and supervise the overall maintenance of the laboratory. Every department maintains a stock register for the available equipments. Proper inspection is done and verification of stock takes place at the end of every year. The requisition for new equipment is raised by HoDs to the registrar office in the proper requisition format. Depending on the budget allocated & availability of the fund the requirements are fulfilled.
  2. Library:
    Jharkhand Rai University library is automated with open source integrated library software KOHA (Version 3.20). Its Hosted at our in-house server and is accessible by both internal network and external network as well as through mobile networks. Library users can access the library bibliographic data, Issue/Reissue Books, Check due date of books , check their fine , Suggest new books, Can hold books through OPAC, etc. online. Other facilities such as Xerox, computers with internet connection, suggestion box and no dues process are made available in the library.
    Library in charge is responsible for the maintenance of library resources. All the books are placed in order and shelves & stack rooms are regularly cleaned and maintained by assigned housekeeping staff. There is a proper process of conservation and preservation of books.

    • Stacking and Shelving systems
      Readers are permitted to browse books itself from the stacks which provide them an opportunity to know the collection of the books in the area of their interest. For the Optimum utilization of the space the stacking are double rows on fixed shelves. All library books are shelved according to the DDC (Dewey decimal classification)
    • Conservation
      Only books in good physical condition should be allowed to stay on shelves. Constant shelf checking helps to remove torn, soiled and damaged books from shelves. Housekeeping staff are trained under supervision of library staff to protect books from dust, dirt and insects.
    • Binding
      As per the requirement.
    • Stock Verification by Accession Numbers
      All the books in the library are verified by accession numbers. Library in charge maintains an accession register for the available book. Proper inspection is done and verification of stock takes place at the end of every year.
    • Acquisition
      The requirement of books is taken from the HoDs of the concerned departments at the end of every semester. Librarian then sends the requisition for new books to different vender for quotation. After getting the quotation the librarian placed the requisition of new books before the Purchase Committee for the approval.
  3. Sports Facilities:
    The sports facilities both indoor and outdoor are supervised and maintained by physical instructor and sports club convener. Indoor and outdoor sports events are organized by physical instructor and sports club convener. Sports Club Convener maintains a stock register. New sports kit as per students’ requirement & their interest in sports, is raised by sports convener to the registrar office in the proper format.
  4. IT infrastructure:
    University offers a wide array of computing & networking resources to the Staff & Students. These services are in place to facilitate teaching and learning, research, and administrative activities.

    • E-Mail Account Activation/Termination
      E-mail access in the University is controlled through individual accounts and passwords. Each User has e-mail system to use E-Mail Client like Webmail, Thunderbird, Evolution and Outlook. It is the responsibility of the employee to protect the confidentiality of their account and password information.
    • Desktop Computers on the Network
      Internet addresses are provided by University Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. In order to obtain a static Internet (TCP/IP) computer address the owner of the system must register the computer/Laptop/Mobile with University network Server. University IT Support Team reserves the rights to disconnect any network port whose activity causes an adverse effect on the network or on any other user. Network connections may also be revoked in the case of malicious or inappropriate computing activity on the network. University IT Support Team reserves the right to restrict access to the network during expansion, or for diagnostic and maintenance services. Every effort will be made to provide advance notification and schedule such disruptions during times of minimum impact and traffic.
    • Virus Protection
      All desktop & laptop of the University uses Anti-Virus which comes with operating system (Defender). University also using Kaspersky as alternative of defender. All desktop & laptop enabled with auto update for periodically updating virus definition on regular basis.
    • Network Connections in Departments
      All offices, laboratories, and classrooms on campus are wired for access to the network. If departments request additional network jacks, or if network connections need to be moved to different locations, the department should request this service through University IT Support Team ( and IT Support Chat on WhatsApp.
    • Printers and Other Peripheral Equipment
      University provides networked printing locations for workgroup clusters in every department. Other peripheral equipments such as scanners are also provided in clustered locations. Since these equipments are usually used intermittently, clustering allows sharing of specialized technical resources.
    • University Website:
      University website is regularly updated and maintained by the dedicated in-house team of developer and designer.
    • Procedures for IT Equipment Maintenance
      University IT support staff maintains the computers and servers and other IT equipment. Periodic maintenance of projectors and other equipment is done. The HOD of the department and individuals inform to the University IT Support Team by Email, IT Support WhatsApp Chat group for any kind of support repair/Routine Maintenance/breakdown in writing. The University IT Support Team deputes the concern technician for taking up the job within two working days. Upon completion of the job University IT Support Team enter the type of work completed in the maintenance register and get it signed by the HOD/staff of the requesting department. If the job is not complete, the University IT Support Team inform the requesting department about the reason for non-completion of the work within stipulated time and give an approximate time frame for addressing the issue.
      In case of IT equipment like CPU Box, Laptop, Monitor, UPS, Printer, Xerox Machine, Network Switch, CCTV, Router, Firewall and Server not covered warranty or maintenance contract the IT Support Team may select to have the repairs perform by vendor/manufacturer. All the records pertaining to equipment warranty, maintenance contract shall be maintained by the IT support team.
      The printer Cartridges and other e-waste is collected through separate waste streams and disposed to authorized recyclers.
    • Purchase of new IT Equipment
      Purchase of new computer, Laptop and other IT Equipment is done periodically as per the requirement & budget assigned. The requisition for new IT equipment is raised by the Head-System Admin in the proper requisition format before the Purchase Committee for the approval.
  5. Physical Infrastructure:
    Classrooms, Staffrooms, Seminar halls and Laboratories are regularly cleaned and maintained by housekeeping staff assigned for each floor. Wash rooms, Boys Common room, Girls Common room and Rest rooms are well maintained and cleaned thrice a day. There is a proper schedule for the maintenance and cleanness of all the rooms and labs. Housekeeping staff maintained the cleanness record in proper format and the same is supervised and checked by the supervisor regularly. Colored dustbins are kept at different location in the University premise for the disposal of wet and dry waste.

    Optimum working condition of all properties/ equipment on the campus is ensured through annual maintenance contracts (AMC). The AMC purview includes maintenance of Generator, Air Conditioners, CCTV cameras, Fire Extinguisher and Water Purifiers.

    Common area, Landscape and garden are regularly cleaned and neatness of the entire premises are regularly executed and monitored. Vehicles are also regularly serviced & maintained as per the service schedule. The campus is under CCTV Surveillance and is supervised by Head- Admin regularly. Head- Admin maintains a stock register for the available assets. Proper inspection is done and verification of stock takes place at the end of every year.
    The dedicated team under Head-Admin are involved in the maintenance of campus infrastructure such as furniture repairing, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electricity and other day to day emergency maintenance time to time.

    In the University premise, we ensure the congenial learning environment for the benefit and welfare of the students. Various sub committees are in place to support services, student welfare and to meet their needs. There is a mess committee and canteen committee for maintenances of the University mess and canteen to ensure the healthy and hygienic food for the students as well as the other staff of the University.

    ISO 9001:2015 Certification auditors certify the proper maintenance and utilization of all the facilities in the University.