After demonetization whole country is facing problems in day to day transactions in business or even daily transaction of common man. This is because of our own mindset to deal mostly with the cash. But the way things are changing we should also acculturate this change. To achieve the vision of making Jharkhand a Cashless state, Jharkhand Rai University has trained its students, faculty members and other staff members. We have successfully designed and implementing the training program named “Cashless Jharkhand” at various levels of our society. The motive of this training programme is to promote cashless transaction. The campaign received stupendous response from students. They have registered their names as master trainers for the campaign who all are training the people of villages about various modes of digital payments and submit the report to the university. It is important to connect our society with digital payments and taking the help of students will be more viable as our youth is more acumen to technology and can be a source of inspiration for their elders to move towards the digital economy. Dean Academics of Jharkhand Rai University Dr. Piyush Ranjan said, “We are applying our best efforts to make this campaign successful and achieve the vision of state government in order to make the state cashless.” Under this campaign JRU has imparted training to nearby villages. It started with a training programme at Dabartoli, Namkum where people were trained about various ways of cashless transactions through Paytm, SBI buddy, USSD etc. The Dean also informed about the training programmes to be held in different villages of the surrounding areas to create awareness regarding cashless transaction among the people.To boost Cashless deals, the students trained and demonstrated the process of cashless transactions to various villages. They helped the people of Mahilong, Raja Ulatu and Dabartoli Village Panchayat download the pertinent mobile apps on their phones. All training sessions witnessed a vivacious turnout and willingness among the people to move towards smart banking and transaction solutions. They make the people attuned about the ways of purchasing goods or services via debit / credit cards or electronic funds like paytm, SBI Buddy rather than with cash. These sessions have helped many business owners and commoners to live commotion free life in this current tiresome stage after demonetization.

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Akodara Village in Gujarat has become a cashless village


Akodara, a small village in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat went cashless. ICICI Bank adopted the village and turned it into a ‘digital village’ in the year 2015. Every household has at least one mobile phone, which is used for mobile banking. The video shows that most people are using the facility of cashless transaction for day to-day life. Akodara is setting a motivational example showing that other states in India can also truely be transformed if the people of India decide to come together.

Benefits of Cashless Economy


A cashless economy is one in which all the transactions are made using cards or digital means. The circulation of physical currency is minimal. There will be greater efficiency in welfare programmes as money is wired directly into the accounts of recipients. Thus once money is transferred directly into a beneficiary’s bank account, the entire process becomes transparent. Payments can be easily traced and collected, and corruption will automatically drop, so people will no longer have to pay to collect what is rightfully theirs.

Mobile Banking through USSD


Mobile Banking through USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) means mobile banking has brought the bank account in your hand. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, still you can check bank-balance, get a mini statement and transfer fund through USSD by just dialing *99# from your registered mobile number.

SBI Buddy


State Bank Buddy is the first Indian finance Mobile Wallet Application available in 13 Languages. You can run this application on your Android cell phones with internet facility. It has many features like send money to a new and registered user , ask money and send reminders to settle dues, transfer additional cash into an account of your choice free of cost, Recharge and Pay Bills instantly, Book movie tickets, railway tickets, flights, hotel and shop for your favourite merchandise.?

Click here to download the PPT of ‘Cashless Jharkhand Training’ by JRU