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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jharkhand Rai University organised a webinar on the importance of “Analytical Skills in Pharmacy” on 28 May 2021 in collaboration with R. J. College of Pharmacy Education and Technology.

Dr.Narendra kumar Nyola, Principal, R. J. College of Pharmacy Education and Technology was the keynote speaker.

Interacting with the pharmacy students, Dr. Nyola explained the importance of analytical techniques in the field of pharmacy.

During the talk he elaborated on the important skills along with analytical acumen that are a MUST for students who want to pursue a career in pharmacy.

5 Must –Have Skills for a Career in Pharmacy
Pharmacy is a multi-disciplinary field of study that involves techniques and knowledge derived from all fields of science including biology, mathematics, physics, pharmacology, toxicology and chemistry with the goal of developing, understanding, and testing of drugs.

Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare industry and there is a good potential to pursue a career in the profession owing to a growing demand for skilled pharmacists.

Pharmacists require a wide range of skills to be effective in their role.

  • Accuracy: The role of a pharmacist is crucial in the healthcare sector as his accuracy and precision is a matter of life and death for patients. Whether it is the right dosage of medication as per prescription or measuring the dose -there is no room for any error.
  • Analytical Skills: Analytical skills are a must-have along with a scientific bent of mind. For prescribing a patient, a pharmacist needs to apply a logical approach with an analytical mind. Also, in the field of pharmaceutical research, the analytical investigation of bulk drug materials, intermediates, drug products, drug formulations, impurities and degradable materials, biological samples containing the drugs and their metabolites is very important. An evaluation of performance parameters also forms an integral part of each developed analytical method/procedure.
  • Communication Skills: As a pharmacist is dealing with multiple clients from doctors, to patients and to pharma companies to his own team members – therefore one of the key parameters for the pharmacist’s job is to have good communication skills both verbal and in writing along with listening skills. You need to explain to the patients how to take the medicines enquiring about their medical history. Also providing advice on minor ailments by prescribing most appropriate medicines for people.
  • Management Skills: A career in pharmacy needs you to be an effective manager. From leadership qualities to multi-tasking and good interpersonal skills to prioritizing your tasks are all part of the job of a pharmacy professional. Decision making as per the regulations of the law and ethical practices as a professional is a must.
  • A heart for Service: As a healthcare professional you must have a desire to serve the people and communities around you. A caring attitude coupled with empathy are important soft skills. Besides these, satisfaction to bring health and happiness into the lives of people is a major factor in your success and popularity.

If you have these skills, a career in pharmacy may be the right profession for you. Jharkhand Rai University offers B.Pharm & D.Phram course approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

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