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Fashion is not just stitching of fabric. It is a medium to make art wearable. When pursuing a career in fashion, one has to be curious like an artist and must have a deep creative spirit. Through fashion you witness transformation of ideas taking shape into reality. In other words, it is a creative experimentation. The best fashion designers of the world have pursued their passion with the heart of an artist.

A person endowed with creative spirit naturally has a curious eye. Many scientific studies support the claim that a creative brain works differently. A creative mind can grasp visual perceptions and imagery. It also increases dexterity and increases our ability to handle complex motor skills.

And I would like to mention to the students to understand the fact that creativity is not just innate always. It can also be cultivated. With practice, it can be nurtured. All we need to do is to view the world differently and should be eager to explore and be playful.

Ideas and inspiration can trickle from any hidden corners and strange places. And to spot them we need to be one with creative spirit.

Times have evolved. The early man needed clothes to keep them warm and protect their body. However, today fashion is an expression, a statement and an extension of your brand personality. Although fashion is now a visual art that appeals to our senses, our choices speak a lot about who we are. With changing times, the term fashion now embodies a broad definition. It’s no longer just about matching clothes and accessories. It is a representation of our culture and esthetic identity. Moreover, in certain cases it even signifies identity, association and values. It is a constructed symbol we choose to resonate with our personality.