Rai Management Journal (RMJ) – Vol. XIII Issue II

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Innovation Management: Value Addition in Growth of Indian
Manufacturing Companies
Prof. Parul Nanda Click Here
Exploring a new paradigm of Marketing : Opportunities and Challenges Dr. Sandeep Nath Sahdeo Click Here
Tourism in Jharkhand as a Hospitality Industry Dr. S. N. Prajapati, Dr. Nagendra Prasad,
Dr. Jyotsna Mandal
Click Here
Gender Sensitization in Adverting Industry Dr. Sunil Kumari, Dr. Sanjay Nandal Click Here
Financial Inclusion- A Driver for Poverty Alleviations Prof. Abhrajit Sarkar Click Here
Growth and Disparity during Post-Reform Period : Interstate Comparisons Dr. Neelu Kumari Click Here
A Primary Study on Evaluating Five Dimensions of Service Quality
with Special Reference to HDFC Bank and SBI
Prof. Rajesh Shankar Sharma, Dr. N. S. Bhalla Click Here
An Effectual Employee Retention Strategy : A Rational Construct Prof. Nafisa Shahin Click Here
Office Hours”: Time to rethink for the organizations? Dr. Ujjal Mukherjee Click Here
The Impact Of India’s Imports, Exports, Investment In Flows,
Gold And Oil Prices And Debt Obligations on the
Exchange Rate Of Indian Rupee and US$
Dr. Hala Raman Click Here
The effect of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of
Regulated Insurance Industry in Ethiopia
Dr. Gardachew Worku Fekadu Click Here
Campus to Corporate – Managing Change Arbind Kumar Click Here