JRU Alumni Association


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About JRU Alumni Association
One of the main purposes of alumni association is to support a network of former Diploma/Graduates/Masters/Ph.D who will, in turn, help to raise the profile of our university. The JRU Alumni Association aims at working for an all time interaction & a feeling of fraternity among alumni of the University. The association also provides opportunities for interaction between past & present graduates and faculty of the University. The alumni of our university have found and will keep on finding positions in institutions of National & International repute and the association being a platform for mutual awareness among all.

    Function of JRU Alumni Association:

  1. To build wider professional network.
  2. To provide exclusive online job listings.
  3. To provide targeted career services.
  4. To give access to the University resources.
  5. To encourage contact with classmates.
  6. To provide up-to-date information about the University happenings.

Contact Details of Convenor & Co-Convenor

Convenor: Ms. Shambhavi Sinha | Email ID: shambhavi.sinha@jru.edu.in
Co-Convenor: Mr. Sumeet Kishore, Ms. Rashmi Raj, Mr. Jay Chandra

Email ID: alumni@jru.edu.in