ROOTS – Orientation Program

“People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like tree’s without roots.”- Marcus Garvey

Welcome and Congratulations on your acceptance to Jharkhand Rai University (JRU). We are thrilled that you will be joining our JRU family!

At JRU, we believe in innovative teaching methods that help in preparing our students with desired skills, ingenious insights and imaginative abilities in order to make them well equipped and employable.

Keeping in mind the students coming from different and diverse background, JRU brings in 10 days of meticulously designed Foundation Program named “ROOTS –2019”.

“ROOTS – 2019” is designed around the students, helping them to uncover the answers to the questions they have, and providing the information regarding the campus resources, programs and services. It is also an opportunity for the new students to learn how to navigate the campus.

During the program the students will build a network of resources that will help them to start their JRU journey on the right path. By the end of ROOTS, the students will be on their way to becoming a successful citizen.

Our University is committed to entrepreneurial development and skills enhancement for our students. We have also taken a novel initiative to add Certification Programme for various courses. “ROOTS – 2019 followed by TWO days Orientation Program” will start with an ice-breaking session, along with many games and fun loving activities, followed by a session on “Professional Education viz-a-viz Traditional education: Importance in today’s scenario in terms of scope & career opportunities” and later would cover the basic of Science / Maths / IT / English which will help the students coming from diverse background learn the fundamentals and come up to a common platform before they begin their respective credit based course.

Apart from Academics, the sessions will include different club activities from JRU’s Cultural Club, Sports Club and Science Club.

To make learning fun, the session will also include different movies from Bollywood/Hollywood, anchored by faculties to inculcate and imbibe soft skills like Ethics, Motivation, Leadership, etc followed by student presentations later, wherein students will share the learning outcomes from each movie. These are the highlights of the foundation program before the start of credit based course.

Besides this, the courses on “Basic Etiquette and Personal Development” and “IT Awareness and Technology Trends” also constitutes an integral part of the foundation program, ensuring the students use best of their capabilities and resources once they enter the credit based program.

Last but not the least the session will also include “Guest Lectures” from eminent personalities in their fields.

To ensure that the program is taken up with utmost seriousness all students would be going through an assessment session at the end of ROOTS.

“ROOTS – 2019” is aptly designed to give the students a gist of what they would experience in their forthcoming course tenure. The session ends with loads of fun filled learning games and events on the go.

A full schedule will be provided to the students upon their arrival at the campus and we encourage the presence of students for the entire ROOTS and Orientation Program.

We are looking forward to meet you all!

Note: Only the Students of 2019 batch those who have taken admission and are provisionally admitted to JRU are invited to attend this Program with a valid admission letter.

Dr. Piyush Ranjan