Registrar’s Message

Registrar Jharkhand Rai University, Ranchi

Prof. (Dr.) Piyush Ranjan

Registrar’s Message

Jharkhand Rai University was founded with a vision to provide quality education to all irrespective of their background or financial challenges. Our faculty stand out for their experience, and the programs we offer are designed to stay abreast of the latest trends in industry, entrepreneurship and innovation.

In an ever changing world where the expectations of the industry/employers are high, JRU gives its students a solid foundation for their careers.

Besides education, what we also offer is an exceptional urban campus experience in the heart of Jharkhand. Ranchi is a metropolis and is set against a backdrop of numerous water falls. Our campus is conveniently located and is easy for anyone to reach.

Once on campus, you’ll meet students from different states and backgrounds. They’ve all chosen to study here in Ranchi, and they’re discovering what our local students have always known: JRU offers one of the best learning experiences.

Our professors, faculties and staff foster a cohesive student community that’s working and studying together and supporting each other through wholistic learning programs.

At JRU, students are important to us because, they are the future of our nation. Hence, we understand our responsibility and role in nurturing their talent and making them employable. We are a dynamic university where students not only get degrees, but also get confidence to march towards their career goals and become successful in their respective fields.